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Who Are We



Stoneland Consultantprovide its services , Sales & Marketing ,procurement service,promotion that provide it's service outsourcing from various commodities and Product for different companies and businesses as primary deal from B2B and B2C .

We represent both clients in any industries  providing them with both niche and mass market penetration. There are many ways for a company to create brand awareness but we understand the importance of using an effective marketing mix to ensure maximum exposure to the target market as well as increasing the customer base .


Our primary objective was to bridge the gap between Manufacturer and retailer from third world country to Europe. We started as Outsourcing product and purchased products on behalf of client for import and export.


What differentiates our outsourcing service, is that we recognize that each client is different, and we offer a service that is tailored specifically to their needs. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, we can develop a solution that gives you peace of mind, offering either a fully integrated service such as long term or short term solution as we have a complete flexible approach as we understand our client need. 

What Do We Do



As part of our comprehensive outsourcing service , we help to manage client purchase , providing regular creditor reports and completing supplier payment runs to enable them meet suppliers's payment terms and maintain a good record of trading.

At an agreed frequency we will prepare a suggested payment run for your approval, and then we will raise the payments on your behalf, by Bank to Bank transaction only, You are then able to approve these payments, and we will send remittances to your suppliers, .  If you prefer, we can also approve the payments (in accordance with our internal procedures), subject to third party mandates being put in place. 


List of the following products:

· Toileteries

· Baby care products

· Cosmetics

· Clothing

· Skincare products

· and much more

Why Choose Us


We at Stonelant Consultant  we are proud to guarantee an increase our seller  customer acquisition within  promotional and Email Marketing campaign. 

As for end buer we ensure they receive the best customer service and provide them with the quality of products require at competitive price. We always   follow up with our client to ensure that they are completely satisfy with the service received and constantly improve our service.