Direct sales & Marketing


Stoneland Consultant provide its service through B2B by market penetration and ditribution through supply cahin management. 

We ensure that your products or service enter in Market by focuisng at target audience and niche market.

As start up manufacturer looking to launch your products in market and store . We are here to assist you step by step



We provide our end buyers procurement service by acting of their behalf through procurement process.


  • Direct procurement

Direct procurement is the act of buying raw materials, goods and services for production. These purchases are generally done in bulk quantities, acquired from a pool of suppliers at the best cost, quality and reliability to direct to the end buyer.


  • Indirect procurement

Indirect procurement is the act of purchasing goods, services or supplies required to keep day to day business alive. This comprises a  wide scope, including Sales and Marketing .



Stoneland Consultant is all about generating value, driving high performance and reducing costs through procurement outsourcing. Our ervice is to  offers comprehensive procurement solutions and flexible procurement solutions by create network and collaboration to build portfolio that will enable us to provide effective and efficiency and be more productive for our clients.

Customer Acquisition


 At Stoneland Consultant we focus 

on  acquiring new customers this is known as CPA (cost per acquisition). Businesses spend billions of pounds on making sure that they acquired new  customers as cheaply as possible.


Why end buyers choose us


We ensure that we work closely with our end buyers and provide the best service that is tailor at their need and make sure that they get all the attention needed to get full customer service at highest standard and quality products at competitive price.



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Food & Beverage